Monday, December 17, 2012

2012 Blog Reflection

As 2012 comes to a close, I sit back and think about how me deciding to write about what happens in my little counselor world has allowed me to connect with so many wonderful school counselors from all over.  I can't thank you enough for taking time to read the jyjcounselor blog, your kind emails, your suggestions and sharing your best practices with me.

Here are my favorite posts of 2012:

-Character Education Night Event: 

Student made sign for our school wide character ed night

This was my first time working on the committee and it was certainly worth all the planning and hard work.  The event was very successful!

-Minute Mtgs with a Tech Spin: 

This made a huge impact on establishing rapport with students and it incorporates my favorite counselor must iPad!

-Creating a Counselor's Notebook:

Counselor notebook

Who doesn't love a personalized, fully functional notebook?  This notebook has kept me much more organized this year.

-ASCA 2012 Recap:

It was my first time attending the conference and I had a blast.  I'm planning to be in Philly, will you (early bird registration ends 12/31/12)?

-Starting a Counselor Led Book Club:

I LOVE to read and really enjoy having 2 book clubs.

-Character Ed Books Spotlight:

This has been a great way to showcase books that are related to character education.  The display is working, I'm now constantly having to restock the shelves on the display because the students are steadily checking them out!

-iPad Apps for School Counselors:

By far my most popular post! As I've said before I love using my iPad as a school counselor.  It has been a great addition to my program.

Stay tuned, I have more to share in 2013!

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