Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I'm back from Minneapolis

Visiting Sculpture Garden
Oh, where do I begin? (there's so much to share): I had a fantastic fabulous time at my 1st ever ASCA conference!  Minneapolis was great, having nice beautiful weather (80 degrees with no humidity) having a beautiful and fun downtown area, and by playing host to tons of school counselors which could only equal a great time!  The best and easiest way for me to share my experience is through pictures, so here's a few:
The weather was so nice, you could eat outside and enjoy the fresh air!

Registration (I got there early, hence no lines)

Opening Session

Exhibit hall opens

Keynote speaker Dan Savage

Inside the exhibit hall

With ASCA executive director Dr. Richard Wong

ASCA celebrates 60 years

Neat Tweet up name tags made by Danielle Schultz

#scchat Tweet up
Tweet up with Jen G. from Missouri

Meeting Tabitha from Scrapbook of a School Counselor Blog
With Danielle Schultz & Erin Mason

Tech Smackdown sign, click here for the handout

Tech Smackdown team!  Erin Mason, Julia Taylor, Russ Sabella, me (Andrea Burston) & Danielle Schultz
With NC School Counselor Association (NCSCA) president Nikki Neuman at RAMP Awards banquet.

School counselors from my district (Vanessa Barnes, Wanda Moore, Portia Lambright) & me with ASCA president-elect Dr. Sylinda Gilchrist-Banks at RAMP awards banquet
WCPSS Counselors w/ former ASCA president and WCPSS director of school counseling Eric Sparks.

I had a wonderful time being able to connect with school counselors from all over the country.  I was able to meet my counselor blog and tweet buddies face to face which was so awesome!  I had a fun and fantastic time presenting with amazing school counselors Danielle Schultz, Russ Sabella, Erin Mason & Julia Taylor for the Web 2.0 Smackdown! If you would like the handout to the session, click here.    Go ahead & make plans to attend next year's conference in Philadelphia, PA, I certainly am! Pin It


  1. You all look SO amazing . . . I can feel the synergy! How fun that you got to present with that group AND meet Tabitha!! Thanks for letting us attend vicariously through your awesome pictorial post.

    Philly, huh?

    The Corner On Character

    1. Thanks Barbara, a great time was truly had! It was so fun to meet my tweet and blog counselor friends in real life. Yes to Philly, I'm planning on being there!

  2. Yes, Philly! Can't wait to meet all my generous new friends! My school team is just going to have to go to the (co-occuring) behavior conference without me (for once!) next year.

    Thanks for sharing the handouts, Andrea!


  3. Yes Rebecca look out Philly, here we come! I had a blast meeting & networking with everyone & hope to go again next year.