Monday, September 28, 2015

More Book Club Book Recommendations

If I haven't mentioned it several times before, book clubs are my favorite school counselor led group. I like the use of bibliotherapy to work with each group (books are so versatile to reach so many types of groups).  Each year I look forward to adding more books to my book club collection.  Here are some more to consider if you're looking for new books:

Brown Girl Dreaming, author: Jacqueline Woodson- This is an autobiography, written in poetry form (the title of the book says it all).

Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life, author: Wendy Mass- Book with a mystery that I think students will find very interesting.  This book also deals with being in a single parent home, having a deceased parent and friendship.

All of the Above, author: Shelley Pearsall- My students and I both LOVED this book!  A great book about overcoming obstacles to the fullest.

The Fourteenth Goldfish, author: Jennifer Holm- A funny sci-fi book that (humorously) discusses family dynamics, friendship and coming of age.

The Hundred Dresses, author: Eleanor Estes- This book is on many counselor book lists.  Deals with bullying and acceptance of others.

What other books have you read that you think will be a great addition to a counselor led book club?  Please share below.

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Monday, September 14, 2015

Friendship Review & Back to School Giveaway

Now that I think the majority of us are back in complete school-mode, what better time to offer a giveaway.  Youthlight was so kind to let me do a review of Brad Learns how to Take a Bite Out of Meanness, which is great interactive CD on friendship and getting along with others (I don't know about you but this topic leads the pack of reasons to visit the counselor).

I LOVE this disc because it can be used in various settings, meaning it can be used in class lessons, small group or even individual sessions (there are 5 mini lessons completely adaptable with SMART or Promethan boards and in English & Spanish).  Another cool feature is that there are printable worksheets and posters on the disc.  I consider this a great resource to add to your "counselor friendship" resources.

The kind people at Youthlight were so nice to send me an extra copy as a giveaway prize.  Please enter to win below.

What are you most looking forward to for the new school year?  I'm looking to connect with even more students because this year we have a lot of new students (hello minute meetings).

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