Friday, June 29, 2012

Top 10 Tech List for counselors

I'm often asked what tech things I would describe as my absolute must have tech websites, apps, equipment, etc. for school counselors.  So since David Letterman has a list, here's my jyjcounselor top 10 list (I have other tech tools that I use, but since I can only list 10) here goes:

#10:  an iPad:  Many school counselors are getting their hands on these nifty tablets.  Having my iPad has simplified and enhanced my work as a school counselor.  If your school district offers you one, by all means take and use it! If your school district is unable to provide you with an iPad, I would highly suggest that you treat yourself by getting one (you won't regret it).  Apple sells refurbished iPads at a discount that are Apple certified and come with a warranty.  I actually brought myself and my parents refurbished iPads and have had no problems with either one.

#9:  If you have an iPad, then the VGA adapter is a must too.  This adapter connects to a data projector which means that you can use it for classroom visits, presentations, class demos on a larger scale (as my students say, it's on the "big screen").  You can also buy a refurbished adapter (I bought one). 

#8: (Last iPad thing)...if you have an iPad, please get a case to protect your (or your school's) $$$.  I bought my trusty purple case from Amazon for $21.  I'd love to show a picture of a co-worker's iPad who didn't buy a case (he wouldn't let me take a pic after I told him that his iPad would be on shown as what happens when you don't get a case) just imagine a screen with about 20 pieces of clear tape on the screen from a nasty fall/drop....not pretty! 

#7:  Dropbox:  Just think of your thumb drive available to you to use on any computer (with internet access) anywhere!  You can store documents, videos, pictures and even music on this amazing online storage.  I use Dropbox every day, I don't have to keep up with a usb stick when I visit classes, I just log into dropbox pull up my lesson and roll!  You can even share files with others that have dropbox too.

#6:  Google Docs:  Oh, how I love the use of Google Docs!  Create survey's, documents, spreadsheets, presentations all on the web.  Think of Office through Google.  You can upload already created files into Google Docs too then easily share the link of your docs with others (no more email attachments).  In fact the Slideshow above was created in Google Docs.

#5: Livebinders:  Online "binder" with weblinks, resources, pictures, videos and more.  I replaced a paper binder of parent resources to a livebinder.  To get an idea, here's a livebinder of school counselor resources I created.  

#4:  Stich.itCreate a slideshow of web links all in one place.  See my previous post on with directions. 

#3:  Prezi:  Takes presentations to a higher level!  Just think PowerPoint times 20.  Prezi is much more interactive and lets you use a little more creativity in your presentations.  I use this for some of my class visit lessons (there's a free iPad app, Prezi Viewer that lets you view your Prezi presentations). 

#2: YouTube:  Of course I know that you all know what YouTube is but did you know that you can make playlist of videos?  I made a playlist of school counseling related clips that would be great to use in either a class visit or small group.  You will need a YouTube login to create your own playlist.  I even have a music playlist for songs I just can't quite justify buying yet.  I just love the playlist feature.

#1: Pinterest:  I love Pinterest and all it's magic of letting us "pin" great school counseling ideas.  If you're not on Pinterest, I highly recommend it.  I've gotten so many great ideas to implement in my school counseling program.

What tech tools are on your list that are must have's? Pin It


  1. As a graduate student in school counseling, as well as "tech-enthusiast," I have had a lot of time to do research on technology use in school counseling and I have yet to come across a better article that gives tremendous real-life examples of technology being put into use. Absolutely GREAT stuff!!

    1. Thanks both to live sports and Chris for your kind words. Tech can easily be added to our counselor programs.

    2. thank you! such a helpful article to counselors like me:)