Monday, July 2, 2012

Book Inventory Update

Remember these piles of "inventoried" books?
After my 4 day adventure of doing inventory of my counselor books several readers told me that there are some handy dandy websites/apps that allow you to scan in your books (thank you readers by the way).   These book inventory websites/apps will categorize/organize your books for you online.

Here are a few to consider:

-Classroom Book Source
-All My Books
-Book Retriever (App $.99)
-Book Crawler (App $1.99)

I bought the Book Crawler app from a recommendation from blogger buddy Danielle from the School Counselor Blog and found it quite easy & helpful to use.

Book Crawler App

Here's a few screenshots of the app and how to use it: 

You can add books manually, from Google Books or scan them to your inventory.
If you have to enter your book info manually.
Using the scanner feature, (this is actually a pic of my couch).  The scanner picks up so quickly, I couldn't take a screen shot fast enough, so I had to go with this (notice the book is laying in the background). 
Once the book's scanned, the info comes up!

So what if you scan in a book and the cover doesn't appear?

You can take a picture of the book cover with the camera on your iPad/iPhone & add it to the inventory!

The picture of the book updates and appears in your library.

You can even email your book list!

I like this app and am excited to use it to keep track of my counselor books.   The inventory will have to be on hold until August (hey this is summer & I have other counselor projects to work on) but will finish for sure.  I do think that this next round of "inventory" will go easier, since I've gone through the books and grouped them. 

Having an inventory of books is going to be great.  I certainly can't tell you all the books I have off the top of my head but this app sure will help.  During the ASCA conference I was looking at books in the exhibit hall and realized by checking my Google Docs book inventory on my iPad that I actually had a few of the books already in my collection.  So all that work was NOT done in vain!  Having the inventory already saved me from buying books that I already had.  I am liking this concept more and more!

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  1. Andrea, Thanks so much for sharing this post!!! I think I might spend the $1.99 and do this for myself!! I just categorized my counseling books and stored them in Magazine files by topic but this will be a great to know what I already have!! Thanks for all of the screen shots!!!


    1. Hey AnnMarie, the app is worth the $1.99! I'm glad to see that you're using your iPad, yay! I'm going to take your idea and store my books in magazine files and label them by topic, brilliant idea! As always thanks so much for reading. Hope that you're enjoying your summer.

  2. Hello Andrea! I shared a link to this post in the most recent post! I am giving away 10 free dowload codes for the Book Crawler app. Your readers can visit: for more details and how to enter.