Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Counselor Tech Shout out: has got to be one of my new favorite tech tools!  It's a one-stop-shop on combining web links/websites into a slide show, that's super easy to navigate through.  For an example, I combined 8 web links for parents into just one simple link slideshow that I could add to my counselor website.  I also did the same for elementary school counselors in my district that currently have websites/blogs. 

Here's how to use
Once you get on the website, you copy and paste the web links that you want to put in your slide show.  For the example below, I did websites for parents on preparing for transitioning to Kindergarten.  After you copy/paste the links click "Stich it"(it may take a few moments for things to "stich").  After your "stich" is complete you will see "your stich" which is the website where the slideshow of your web links can be viewed.  (by the way don't close this tab just yet).
Click on pictures to enlarge

Next you can name your stich.  You can then give brief descriptions of your web pages (this is totally optional).  Some websites already show a description, again, giving a description is optional.

From there click on your stich web link and view your slide show. Click "next" and "previous" to navigate through the pages. 

Your stich link can be copied and pasted and shared with others through email. The only drawback with is that it's still in beta (testing) form so you can't edit your stich once it's published (this is why I leave the create tab open, you can still add and delete info in that tab).  If you'd like to see more of how works.  Take a look at the Kindergarten links for parents stich and the counselor stich I did for elementary counselors in my district.  Happy stiching!  Let me know how it works for you. Pin It

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