Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Parent Resources to Deal with Tragic Events

After last week's tragic events in CT, I'm sure many of you have been answering questions from students, parents and staff about ways to cope and handle the worries and anxiety that we've all faced. Most of the questions I've received have been from parents concerned about how to talk with their child about it.  Here are some parent resources that I've shared with parents at JYJ:

-CNN report:  Should you talk to your kids about Newtown?
-Talking with Kids About the News
-Talking to Kids About Violence (from Scholastic.com)
-Telling my Child About the Massacre in Newtown
-5 Helpful Resources for Talking to Kids About Tragedies 
-Should Children be Allowed to Watch TV News Reports?
-In a Crisis, Parents Must Be There, Be Aware for Their Children

Some other fantastic counselors (School Counselor Blog & Counseling by Heart) have provided some very helpful resources on how to work with worries and concerns also.

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