Monday, December 10, 2012

"One" Lesson & bulletin board

Thanks to Vanessa from the Savvy School Counselor Blog for sharing her lesson & bulletin board idea on the book One by Kathryn Otoshi which was my guide and inspiration for this activity.

During my class visits with 5th grade, we talked about how "one" person can truly make a difference.  The difference can be in a positive or negative way, but it's amazing how just one person can make "game change".  I had a slide (created using Active Inspire for the Promethan board) that showed pictures of people who made a difference.  I had pictures of the 5th grade teachers and some pretty famous people that have made a difference in our society.

Screen shot of people that make a difference (I included the 5th grade teachers, because they certainly do make a difference)

We then watched the video of Kathryn Otoshi reading the book One with some students acting out the story (the students really enjoyed the video clip).  After the video we had more discussion on how being the "one" takes courage but we all are capable of also being the "one" to make a difference.

I then asked the students to think about one person who has made a difference in their lives.  As they thought, I explained how they would have an opportunity to put those thoughts onto paper...I handed out large index cards to each student where they were to write about who the "one" that made a difference in their lives.  I made a sample of what kinds of things to write on their index card.

Sample I did

As students finished, I gave them a label that I created (using Avery clear labels) that said "Sometimes it takes just ONE", which is taken from last line in the book.  The labels were in the colors mentioned in the book (blue, orange, green, yellow, purple, red).  I also had an individual picture of each student to include on their index card for a personal touch.

I used last years school photos (check with someone at your school about getting the disk/file of the fall school pictures), copy and pasted the pictures into a Word document, cut the photos out and separated them by class into plastic bags.  To make sure I didn't forget anyone, I checked off names from the class roll.  For new students, I took their pictures using my iPad, inserted into Word and printed.  I cut & separated by class the student's pictures before my class visits to save time and so that the students could add them on their cards (gives them ownership) during the lesson.

Student pictures printed, cut out and separated by class.

As we finished up the lesson, I told the students that again that it only takes one person to make a difference and that we are all unique and that's what makes it even better.  I closed with a video clip from about being yourself, which ties into being able to stand up (know thyself) and be the "one" who can make a difference.  The students LOVED this song (it's very catchy).

I put up the index cards that the students wrote with their sharing of how so many people make a difference in their lives on a bulletin board at the front entrance at the school.  Students wrote about parents, teachers, friends, coaches, etc. that made an impact in their lives.  Reading their thoughtful and caring words, shows that "sometimes it takes just one!"

Finished bulletin board
Do you have a way to recognize people that have made a difference in students' lives?  I'd love to hear! Pin It


  1. Love this lesson. I just did a lesson on role models and this is the perfect follow up.

    1. Yes, Laura this would be a awesome follow up!

  2. Do you have this lesson written as a lesson plan? If so, I would love to add it to my collection!! I've read this story to 3rd graders to discuss the power of the bystander (in regard to bullying) and they loved it!

    1. Hi Julie, what I shared in my blog is my lesson format & notes. Thanks for reading!