Friday, December 7, 2012

JYJ Counselor Shout Out...Elementary School Counseling

This month's counselor blog/website shout out is:

Elementary School Counseling, written by the awesome Marissa out of Ohio has been one of my go to school counselor website/blogs for quite some time.  Plus who can't love a website, with such a cute blue puppet friend! Need bulletin board ideas, class lessons, group activities, this is your one-stop-shop counselor resource place to visit!

Love this guy!
One cool thing I love about Marissa's website is that she is NOT camera shy (I can't say the same about myself) and does lots of school counselor how-to videos.  She even did a video on how to incorporate your role as the school counselor into how you dress (great tips and I'm not much a fashion rule follower, so that was right up my alley).

I will warn you, you'll spend quite some time looking through this very helpful and resourceful counselor website.  
Add this to your must read counselor blog list and you will certainly not regret it.  Thanks Marissa for sharing your (wonderful) ideas with us!

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