Monday, March 18, 2013

Spice up Your Lunch (Bunch)

Lunch bunch is one of my favorite counselor ways to connect with students.  I used lunch bunch last year as an attempt to meet students and let them know who I was (it was my 1st year at JYJ).  I got an overwhelming response because now everyone wants to have lunch!  I have lunch bunch groups 2-3 times each week (just depends on how my week is going) and although I enjoy lunch with students, adding a little "spice" to our lunches makes it more interesting.  Here are some things that I've added to my lunch bunch groups:

-I invite a student to have lunch with me and they may bring 2 friends from their grade level to lunch.  To remind them of their lunch, I made lunch appointment cards from Vistaprint.  This also lets their teacher know that they will have lunch with me.

Lunch appointment cards

-Add a little color to the room!  I got several plastic tablecloths from Party City ($1.99 each) to put on my table (you could also opt for cloth, but I'm not quite that brave with elementary aged children).  When the weather's nice, I use the tablecloths on the outdoor picnic tables.  By the way eating outside is another way to "spice up" lunch groups.

-Add some music to the mix!  Students LOVE hearing music in the background during lunch.  I use my  (free) Pandora app on my iPad (there's also a computer website) to play (clean) today's pop hits and/or Kidz Bop (in your settings you can disable explicit lyrics from being played).

-Play a get to know you game favorites have been the popsicle stick question game and with my older students the QR questions.

What ways do you add "spice" to your student lunch bunches?

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