Monday, March 11, 2013

(free) Relaxation iPad apps

Is it me or is it super busy at your school right about now?  It certainly seems extra busy lately these days.  Something that seems to "calm the storms"throughout our daily counselor lives when dealing with student issues is to have students cool down or relax.  So here are some free (my favorite price) apps for relaxation that you may want to add to your iPad:

-Breathe2Relax (free):  Neat app that I use quite a bit with students individually, small groups and even during class visits!  This app will let you practice your breathing using deep inhale and exhaling exercises.  This is also available on Android devices, click here for link.

-My 1st Yoga (free):  Quick and easy yoga poses for children.  *Note you may need to call this something else other than yoga to be politically correct (maybe relaxation poses).

-Fluid (free):  Cool calming app that gives the effect of running your fingers through water.  A bonus is that you can choose the background (including pictures from your camera roll!)

-Silent Island Relaxation Lite (free):  Ahhh, the relaxing sounds are all here!  

-Zen Space (free):  Create your own zen garden of tranquility!

-Pocket Pond (free);  Looking at fish is nothing but relaxing and since I don't have the space for a tank this will be as close as it gets.

-Relaxing Sounds of Nature Lite (free):  Another soothing and relaxing sounds app!

Do you have any other free relaxation apps?  Please share!
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  1. Thank you for creating this website. I thought I was fairly tech savvy, but I am now very humbled. In my attempt to bring technology into our "technology reluctant" counseling department, I did a quick search to share even more resources with the department during our workshop day. I planned to cover dropbox, google docs, prezi, and more efficient use of our own student information database. Then I found your site, and realize just how many more wonderful resources there are - most of which you have compiled on your site. The work you've done is truly amazing!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. I love that I have the opportunity to share what happens in my little counselor world and what works well with me with other school counselors. Thanks for reading!