Monday, January 7, 2013

Ice-Breaker with a Tech Spin

This year, I've made it my personal counselor project to update my ice-breaker activities with my students.  Yes I have the beach ball with the questions on it (brilliant idea) and I made the popsicle sticks with questions on them earlier so now I needed a jyj counselor tech-like ice-breaker activity.  So I had this great idea to use QR (Quick Response) Codes for my next ice-breaker activity.  QR codes, when scanned can take you directly to web pages, videos, pictures or documents without having to type in a web address. These cool codes are popping up everywhere... on TV, newspapers, magazines and even on various products.   So I thought of a way to incorporate QR codes into my ice-breaker.

Here's how I used QR Codes for my ice-breaker:

-I typed ice-breaker questions into Google Docs (use the presentation feature, it's just like PowerPoint).
If you need ice-breaker question ideas, click here.  
Ice-breaker question
-After I typed the question, I clicked the "share" button on my Google Doc, clicked available to "anyone with the link" and copied and pasted the link to share.  You will have to type each ice-breaker question into it's own separate file (so that it can have it's own link from Google Docs).

-I then went to the site Kaywa QR creator to make a code from the link (just copy & paste the Google link).  After you paste the link, click "generate free" and your new qr code will appear.

-I copied and pasted the QR code into a Word document.  (I used the Avery business card paper template).

Business cards I used, $6  from Sams Club. 
-I printed QR codes on business cards & laminated.

QR Codes printed on business cards

-I put the cards in a jar where the students can choose randomly which questions they scan to answer next.  I use Qrafter (free QR scanner app) to scan the cards.

Cards in a jar

This ice-breaker was a complete hit with my students (can be used on either individual or group counseling).  They LOVED it!  They liked that they didn't know what the question would be until they scanned it on the iPad.

Do you have any tech ice-breaker ideas?  I'd love to hear them!

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  1. This sounds like so much fun! I can imagine the kids loving it! Thanks! Now to only have the time to create mine!

  2. Wow - I am impressed with your creativity! I never would have thought of all this, but love it. Now I just need to get an ipad...time to write a grant I guess. :)

  3. I really like this idea! I am learning a bunch of things with technology. I saw an idea of coding this year. Maybe that could be the next idea rolled out for the kiddies. It deal a lot with strategies and problem solving, a good way to get them to connect to the counseling in a fun way, maybe.