Friday, October 19, 2012

Red Ribbon Week Plans

What better age group to tell of the effects of living a healthy & drug free lifestyle than young (impressionable) students?   This year, thanks to Pinterest and reading other counseling blogs I had a better "game plan" on how I would celebrate Red Ribbon Week this year at my school (I'll have a post AFTER the week to share how it went).  It works out that Red Ribbon Week is the same week as our spirit week so that makes it even more special (we'll have lots of participation).  So here's my plan for the upcoming Red Ribbon Week:

-First on my agenda:  I spoke with my school's PTA about having a budget for celebrating Red Ribbon Week school-wide.  I was super excited when I found out that my budget was approved!

-Now that I had some money to spend, I had a banner made from Vista Print to hang in the front of the school so that everyone can see it.  The cost for the banner was around $28 (with 50% off).  I paid extra for outdoor vinyl and for clear adhesive hangers.  I'd rather pay a little extra and be able to use it for many years.  I asked the custodian (who's wonderful) to hang the banner at the front outdoor entrance of the school for all to see.

Banner made by Vista Print

-I ordered "Drug Free at JYJ" silicone bracelets   I know that you've probably received several Red Ribbon catalogs with all types of goodies to order (including the bracelets).  However, after comparing prices the wrist-band website was much cheaper (nearly $200 cheaper, plus you get 100 free bracelets for your order).  Now the logical thing to do would be to order red bracelets, but I'm just not much of a fashion rule follower.  So instead I got the bracelets in our school colors (blue & yellow).  I ordered 700 youth sized bracelets for students and 100 adults sized bracelets for staff.  As I mentioned earlier, I got 100 free bracelets which were split 50 youth/50 adult bracelets, total = 900 bracelets.

Drug free at JYJ bracelets

-I made "Red Ribbon Week" facts about making healthy choices and saying no to drugs our school's  televised morning news show and will have the facts in the news rotation that stays on the TV during the day.

-I made a "Drug Free at JYJ!" banner for students to sign.  I used white butcher paper and cut/laminated red letters to put on the banner (they can be used again, I'm using last year's letters this year too).  I'll have several red markers taped to the wall so that students can sign.

Last year's banner for students to sign

-I saw an awesome Red Ribbon Week bulletin board on Pinterest to re-create.   Before I go into details, I apologize in advance for the few pictures.  I was so excited about creating this, I forgot to take pictures along the way.

I used black butcher paper and cut a medium to large size piece in the shape of an iPod.
I typed "songs" that have a Red Ribbon theme onto a Word Document (landscape orientation, 1" Margins).  The list of songs is below.  Choose any song and highlight it in blue (just like on an iPod). 


To create the "iPod wheel", I traced a large circle and traced a smaller circle inside the larger circle.  I typed and printed the 4 symbols on the iPod wheel on the computer.  When I typed the symbols, I highlighted and made the text grey and background black (so it'll blend in on the black paper).  

Tracing circle patterns to make the wheel.

Menu buttons made using Word

I glued all the pieces together and laminated.  I made a sign that says "iTune Out Drugs" & "JYJ Rocks Drug Free" using Word.  

Finished Red Ribbon iPod

-A student made "ear buds" using white yarn to attach to the "iPod".  I'll be putting up the board on the wall space that I've converted into a bulletin board area outside of my office.

-Each day of sprit week will tie into Red Ribbon week and have a drug free, healthy lifestyle theme.

So that's my plans to celebrate.  What plans do you have to celebrate Red Ribbon Week at your school?

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  1. LOVE the drug-free play list! Our theme is Character Is Our Super Power and we're going to be super heroes . . . we're wearing our new Super C t-shirts (I can. I care.) and we're putting cups in the fence outside to match the shirt logo! I'm going to be doing a giveaway for teachers of some of the new releases that I've been reading about lately that have a character theme. I predict it'll be a SUPER week, just like yours!


  2. I Know this was a while ago, but do you still have the "facts" you televised/announced? I'm struggling to find age appropriate facts for my principal to announce school wide. Thanks for sharing!