Monday, September 3, 2012

Where's the counselor sign

From reading various counselor blogs I've seen a few school counselors make neat door signs like this:

From School Counselor Blog

I loved the idea of this project but this was way beyond my craft expertise.  So I created my own version of "where's the school counselor" signs to put on my door.  Here's how:

-I typed several signs using Word, printed on colored cardstock and laminated the signs.
-I use dry erase markers to write my message (easy to wipe off/re-use).
-When I leave my office,  I post my sign on my message board with magnets (if you don't have a message board, you can use Velcro strips or you could use tape to put on your signs on your door.
-Total cost for the project: $0 (my favorite price).  I already had everything!
-Total time to create the project: 15-20 minutes

Here are the finished products:

When I do classroom visits sign (download link at the end of the post).

When I will return sign

When I need to a leave a note...
Click here to download a copy of the classroom visit door sign. 
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