Friday, September 7, 2012

Identify your Character Education Books

What better way to reinforce character education traits than with a good book?  As I've said numerous times, I love reading and love seeing students reading.  So I thought why not increase character education awareness even more through reading? My school's library is directly across the hall from my office and I frequent it quite often.  I'd noticed that book topics (examples: biographies, research, etc) had an identifying sticker on the spine of the book. So I thought of creating a sticker label that identifies that the book relates to character education.  I then shared this vision with the librarian (who I can't rave enough about, she's fantastic) and she said that it would be a great idea to have.

I bought some orange color coding labels at Staples ($6.79) and used the online template (it's a Word document) to type the words "Character Ed Book" on each label.

Typed labels using the template.

The librarian gave me a list of books in the library that would fall into the character education category (there were lots of qualifying books).  I put labels on some of the books, but we have parent volunteers who work in the library who put the rest on the books.

Books with Character Ed labels

I think that this will be an awesome and easier way for students to read more about showing great character.

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  1. Ya, really great idea.. I think character education book will do some awesome changes in students circle.