Monday, August 13, 2012

Decorate your door

What's the first thing people see before they enter into the school counselor's office?  The door! As we gear up to head back to school (where did the summer go),  I thought of a free and quick way to update my office door.  Here's my door before:

Door before

The door had "counselor" on it and I actually liked the scrapbook paper that I used for the letters, but since I'm working on an office redo, the door can also go on my "to be updated" list.

Here's what I did to update my door:
-I got (free) paint samples in my school colors (blue & gold) from a home improvement store.
Paint samples

-Laminated and cut out the paint samples

Laminated paint samples, before cutting
-I used my school's letter dye cutter to spell out the words "JYJ Counselor". It's also helpful if you write the letter that you plan to cut on the back (before you cut) so you won't forget any letters (I get sidetracked/distracted sometimes and this helps me).
Blocks of letters to use on dye cutter machine

Letter dye cutter

-I taped my new letters on my door and we're in business!  Here's the finished product:  I decided to mix the letters up a bit, but I am very pleased with the "new door". 

Updated door

Total cost = $0

Do any of you plan on updating your office door, please share your ideas.  I love hearing your ideas!  Stay tuned, I'll have updates on my office "redo" soon.
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  2. Wow, that’s such a cute door! It’s like turning your door into a Facebook wall! Even though it has a funny side, it didn’t affect the overall ambiance of the office space.

    Becky Steele