Thursday, March 29, 2012

Getting Counselor Blogs

Before I became "the JYJ Counselor" blogger, I was and am still an avid blog reader.   Blogs are great ways to find resources, news, tips, recipes, decorating tips, etc, ok maybe that's MY blog reader, but you get the idea of where I'm going.  It took me a while to get the courage to actually start blogging, after one attempt earlier last year with not many people following (don't worry about the number of followers by the way), I revamped my blog and just type what's going on at my school and in my little counselor world.  I'm often asked by school counselors on which blogs I follow, what I use to read blogs and the most popular question (which I love by the way)...How can I start my own school counselor blog?
To answer those questions:

School Counselor Blogs that I follow and recommend:
-SCOPE (School Counselor Online Professional Exchange) well this actually is a wiki that has a fantastic blog roll of school counselor blogs!

Blog Readers:
The easiest and simplest way for me to read blogs is to read them on my iPad on my Pulse reader app.  I wrote a post about how it is one of my favorite apps!

Starting a blog:
There are various (free) blog sites that you can make your blog on.  I use Blogger because it's through Google and I like the ease of using it (plus there's a blogger app so that I can blog on my iPad although I'm not really a fan of the small keyboard).  Other popular blog sites are Word Press,, & Edublog.  You should choose the blog that is easiest for you to use and understand, what works for me may not always work for you.  

Blogging is a fun, fantastic and not to mention easy way to share ideas, thoughts and just general FYI with others.  I've gotten so many school counseling ideas from the various blogs that I read.  Happy Blogging!  
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  1. Andrea, I love the new look! very modern! Thanks for posting this today! I have been thinking about starting a school counselor blog and wasn't sure how to do it! I might even muster up some courage this weekend!! May I share it with you if I do? Thanks for a great blog!!! I have also learned a lot and find blogging to be a great resource!