Monday, March 26, 2012

jyjoynercounselor...deluxe edition!

Have you ever noticed how when a music artist re-releases their album cover now says "Deluxe Edition"?   I don't care too much for these special editions, especially when I purchased the "plain" album.  The deluxe edition is supposed to have something new or unreleased, lost or hidden tracks, etc. which brings me to my "unreleased tracks".  Over the weekend I received one of the nicest emails from a fellow school counselor & blogger Rebecca Lallier of Counselingbyheart (which I love & read in my pulse reader) thanking me for helping her with techie school counselor stuff (Rebecca it was my pleasure).  Anyways after reading her email, I decided to release my "hidden tracks" by changing the direction of my blog.  Now it will be geared counselors!!!  Get it?  Deluxe edition, hidden tracks?   Ok, maybe's more insight.

In the beginning, my blog was more for the parents at my school about events and things happening at the school.  I found this quite redundant since most of the teachers at my school blog the same events (if not more than me).  I did a quick informal poll by just asking parents how do they find information that I post?  Nearly all said that they looked at my website (not the blog).  Was all this blog work done in vain?  Nope not at all!  I've been able to interact and get great tips, lessons and activities from various blogs and contact from the counselors that read my blog.  So with that being said this blogs for you...the awesome school counselors that you are! 

You all can see the "true Andrea" and my passion and joy of my job.  Entering into my 4th year as a counselor, I see more pieces of my school counselor puzzle coming into play and it's exciting to see this work in progress.   I thank you school counselors for your work and dedication, we're walking on the same path.  So welcome to the jyjoynercounselor "Deluxe Edition" blog! Pin It

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