Monday, March 24, 2014

Happy Bulletin Board

I got the inspiration to make a bulletin board based on the song Happy by Mr. Pharrell Williams (whom I've been a fan of since he was with The Neptunes).  It's super catchy and the kids & adults LOVE it (including me).  So to make this display I...

-Typed the chorus lyrics into a Word document and added "Joyner's Happy" since it's the name of my school and I printed on colored paper.

-Took pictures of students and staff around the building being...Happy!  This was so much fun to do, I had many willing participants.
Myself with staff members at school event, don't we look happy!

-I posted the chorus and pictures around.

This was a super easy display to make (5 steps or less) and has gotten lots of looks!

Just in case you haven't had enough of this song.....

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  1. Love this idea Andrea! Cute, cute, cute! I also adore this song. It's my new "brain break" song at the beginning of my classroom visit songs. Love how excited the kids are to dance...we show our "feelings faces" I'll show you the dance I made up next time I see you ;).