Monday, March 3, 2014

Even More Counselor Lead Book Club Suggestions

I've received several questions about running a school counselor led book club and I love that so many of you are interested in starting a book club(s) at your school.  I'd like to share a few more tips and answers to common questions that I've gotten:

-Since we meet for book club during lunch, I pack a picnic basket with my book club "necessities" which include, hand sanitizer, paper towels, wipes, extra utensils and dry erase markers.  This year the library is being used during lunch so we're having book club in a classroom.   I try to cover all my bases with my students (things that always seem to be dropped and forgotten) and so that we don't leave a mess for the very nice teachers that let us to meet in their rooms.

Book Club Basket
-After we finish each book, someone from the group volunteers to bring in a snack (snack is up to the students) and we have a book club celebration in Dec and in April after our last book.  The students love the celebrations.  Our celebrations are like a pot luck where everyone brings in something (I usually assign items to bring and I order pizza). 

-Take a picture of the group and print copies of the pictures for each student in book club to give at the end of the year. 

 On a side note:
-This year I mixed up the way I do book clubs a little. This year my 4th grade book club is high level readers and I will say that the conversations and discussions about our books are quite interesting.  With my 5th graders, I have all girls in the group this time around and that too has been an interesting change from before (in a good way).

-Here are a few more book suggestions for your counselor led book clubs:

Out of My Mind by Sharon M. Draper

Holes by Louis Sacher

The Homework Machine by Dan Gutman

Do you have any books to recommend for book club?  Please share Pin It


  1. I'm running a 5th grade book club as an attempt to break up all the drama that is consuming all of grade 5. Indoor recess every day isn't helping matters...
    We are currently reading Wonder (which is fantastic!!) and on deck is Rules.
    Happy reading! :)

  2. Both Wonder & Rules were a hit with my 4th graders, we enjoyed them both. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I think this is a GREAT idea! Unfortunately, our library is limited to only one or two copies of each book. I am wondering what I could do to still run a book club with students. Any suggestions?

    1. Hey Sarah, see if could get your PTA to sponsor buying books. Most of my books are from PTA, the library bought a few sets, but just from asking my PTA worked for me.

  4. how do you select kids for book club?

  5. Hey Nancy here's my post on how I started a book club: