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School Counselor Wear to Work Series-Part II Places to Shop

Now onto post #2 on the School Counselor Wear to Work Series where today I'll talk about places where I get my "school counselor work gear".  I also am so excited to have Allison a first year school counselor from The Sequined School Counselor Blog to join in and share her fav places to shop for work gear. Before we get started I do want to revisit the fact that I am still on my shopping diet & closet challenge (very little shopping and wearing what I already have in my closet) but clearly that doesn't mean that I've done my fair share of shopping (which is exactly why I'm on this closet challenge).  So here goes:

-Where are your favorite places to shop for work clothes and shoes? 

 Allison: My favorite place to shop for everything is Target. I would say 50% of everything I own is from Target -- clothing, shoes, housewares, food. It is so easy to get everything at once and they have the cutest things. I also enjoy going thrifting. Some of my favorite pieces have been purchased from Goodwill or Plato’s closet. I love that you never know what you will find and that there are so many options. 

Andrea:  When I was shopping I’d always been a Banana Republic, Gap & Old Navy shopper and have many of my staple wardrobe pieces from there (they also have great sales).  J.Crew & J. Crew Factory offers a teacher discount, (15% off your purchase with your Work ID Badge) and they make the absolute best cardigans ever (the Jackie cardigan at the regular store and the Clare cardigan at the Factory Outlet, I have one in almost every color). For department stores Macy’s and JC Penny are on my (short) list.  Another place I find clothes is from thrifting!  I love being able to find fun vintage pieces from thrifting for next to nothing prices!  For shoes, I don't have one particular store that I buy shoes from, but I do like certain brands:  Nine West is especially great for work wear (I wear flats 100% of the time which are perfect for moving around as a counselor).  

Scarf: homemade (thanks Lynn), Shirt: Old Navy, Belt: Bebe, Skirt: Thrifted, Tights: HUE (Macy's), Boots: Nine West
Here's my first day of school pic (it's certainly not warm enough to wear this right now, sends warm/spring thoughts out):
Shirt & Skirt: Banana Republic, Belt & Shoes: Old Navy
Shirt, Sweater, Skirt: Old Navy, Tights: HUE, Boots: Nine West

-Are there things in your counselor wardrobe that you'd splurge on?

Allison:   I don’t splurge on much. I would say my biggest (little) splurges are on shoes, which I normally will pay full price for. Another splurge was when my sister convinced me to buy some True Religion jeans -- even then I didn’t pay full price! I got them at a department store in Charlotte for $50. They’re high waisted, super long flared jeans and I wear them more Fridays than not!

Andrea:  I'd like to begin with that as educators we aren't paid the big bucks and especially in my state where our salaries have been frozen for six years, therefore I rarely pay full price for anything.  I’ve been known to watch items for months until the price is right (for me) before I buy them.  I also believe that some things are worth spending a little extra on based on quality (because you’ll be able to keep it for years, hence my overloaded closet and hence the “closet challenge”).  I will splurge on shoes and bags (but again I’ll usually wait until a sale for a better price).  Last year I saw a pair of winter boots that I really liked, by the time the boots were the price I wanted to pay it was spring (that's ok, I got to wear them this year)!  See I'm totally capable of waiting for the right price.

Dress: Thrifted, Belt: Gap, Boots: Coach, Glasses: Kate Spade

-What educator/fashion blogs do you read?
There are also several educators that post their outfit of the day (#ootd) on Instagram where I also get ideas.  
So far 2 months into my closet challenge, it's going well.  I have NOT run out of things to wear and have become quite creative in putting my work attire together (thanks to my fashion blogs and Pinterest).  

Stay tuned for Part III.  Please share some great places you find your wear to work gear.  Pin It

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