Monday, February 4, 2013

National School Counseling Week Link Party!

Fabulous school counselors our week of celebration is here (although I think we should be celebrated each and every day)!  I've been thinking  how to celebrate National School Counselor Week at my school for a quite a while.  I can honestly say that at my school, we (counselor intern & I) are constantly reminded how much parents, staff and students appreciate what we do as counselors (we do A LOT!)

So here's how we'll be celebrating National School Counseling Week at JYJ:

-My school district had a morning celebration (click here to see the write up on it) for all the school counselors.  I was able to see blog buddy Vanessa from Savvy School Counselor!  What a treat it was to see her.

Vanessa & I at our district school counselor celebration
-I made this great banner from Vistaprint to hang outside of my office to celebrate and to let everyone know that it's National School Counselor Week. On a side note I got a sweet deal on this banner months ago on a Black Friday sale, for only (are you ready for this) 99 cents!

Celebration banner
Yours truly!
Counselor intern Dhruti

-I put daily announcements on our live morning television school news show on things that school counselors do and how we are here to help all students.  I even plan to be interviewed during the show on Wednesday (this is really a stretch for me, I'm more of a behind the scenes person).

-To include staff, I made a little note to everyone (I used Avery business cards) that said "being your JYJ counselors is worth at least 100 GRAND, celebrating National School Counselor Week from Andrea & Dhruti". I attached a mini 100 Grand candy bar to the note.  To get more ideas check out Pinterest and look under teacher appreciation.

-I ordered "I heart school counseling" t-shirts (from Vistaprint) for myself and the counselor intern to wear on Wednesday (the same day that we'll be on the school news).
T-shirt to celebrate School Counselor week
-Don't forget about the School Counseling On-Air Google + Hangouts during the entire week.  Some fantastic school counselor and bloggers will be hosting.  I plan to be there "hanging out"!

I'm very excited about our week to celebrate our fantastic profession!  What are your plans for school counseling week?

Please share by joining in on the National School Counseling Week Link Party hosted by blog buddy Danielle Schultz from the School Counselor Blog.

To participate in the National School Counseling Week Link Party:

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  • Write a post about one of the following:
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    • your favorite ideas, lessons, resources, etc. related to NSCW
    • a collection of things you have done to celebrate NSCW in the past
  • Place the National School Counseling Week Link Party Logo (above) in your post. 
  • Submit your blog post using the Inlinkz tool in Danielle's original post. Make sure you link to the actual post URL not just your blog URL.
  • CELEBRATE by sharing what you are doing and applauding on what others are doing! :)
  • If you are not a blogger, but have an idea to share, please comment in the comment section!

Happy National School Counselor Week!

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  1. Happy National School Counseling Week! Not sure where the inlinkz tool is but wanted to share my contribution to the NSCW link party.;postID=2660374992701322109

    1. Hey Rebecca, I made a little error (that I've now corrected) and the link to post to the link party is in Danielle's original post. Happy National School Counselor Week!

  2. Love, love, love everything you are doing! The banner and t-shirts are great! I also love the 100 grand message! Awesome celebrating and advocating going on at your school! :) Thanks for participating in the National School Counseling Week Link Party!

  3. Andrea-
    Great site! I enjoy reading about your experiences. I have a couple of questions for you. Do you use a personal Ipad or one issued by your school? If it is personal Ipad, do you have to pay for the internet access or are you able to use your school's wifi?

    1. Hi, my school provides me with an iPad and it is connected to the districts wifi. Thanks for reading!

  4. Love this post! We at TestRocker loved all of your ideas for honoring school counselors. We wanted to participate in your link party and wrote a blogpost about how students can make the most of their school counselors during the college application process. Read it and let us know of your thoughts!

  5. Simple to the point and easy to understand your way of expressing thoughts inspires me a lot....