Sunday, December 30, 2012

School Counseling Linky Party 2013


Marissa from Elementary School Counseling is hosting a school counselor linky party to highlight counselor blogs and best posts, features of 2012.  This is my first linky party and I'm excited to share and see what other counselor bloggers have to share also.  Thanks Marissa for putting this together.

JYJ Shout Out:  giving a shout out to great (counselor) tech tools and awesome school counselor blogs.

I actually have 2 favorite posts....

Thanks to Danielle from the School Counselor Blog for the inspiration, I really enjoyed being able to add a tech spin to minute meetings using the iPad which allowed me to meet with all my 1st-5th grade students without a lot of paperwork but lots of data!

I LOVE to read and being able share my enjoyment of reading with students in a small group setting is wonderful.  I look forward to meeting with my book clubs each week and so do the students.

Top 10 iPad Counselor Apps:  Who knew that sharing a few apps that I found useful would connect me to so many counselors.  Stay tuned, I have more to share in 2013!

In no particular order,  but since I'm only limited to 5 please know that I read lots of counselor blogs.  Thanks to so many of you awesome counselors who take time to blog and share with us!


Here's how to join the party:
-Create a blog post titled "School Counseling Linky Party 2013"
-Place the Linky Party logo (above) in your post.
-Answer the questions above
-Submit your blog post link to Marissa's Blog at Elementary School Counseling.  Be sure to link to the actual post, not your homepage.

I look forward to reading more from the "party".  Thanks again for putting this together Marissa!

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