Monday, August 27, 2012

(Updated) Counselor Office Re-do plans

So in my previous post before we began summer break, I had lots of plans to update my counselor space. I have a small counselor space, but it's mine and my students counselor space so I made the best of it!  I cleaned some before I left for the summer and found that I needed to clean even more when I came back!  After saying goodbye to a few things, I said hello to some new things.  So the best way to do my office redo reveal is through pictures!

My office before:
Office before

During the cleaning process

Printer (before)
Cleaning up and going through things became quite a task

This became a great tool to have!

After Pics:
At the suggestion of a reader, I added at rug ($25 from Walmart)

This surprise (a new cabinet) was waiting for me!
New All-in-One printer!
Cabinet space, bins from Target $7.99

Flowers on the table are flower pens

Added wall storage (Staples $20 for 3)
Cleaned file cabinet area
Air freshener (wall plug-ins aren't allowed) $9 from Pier 1 Imports.  This will last the entire school year, great investment.

Found these cool laptop post-it note holders ($4 for pack of 3) Staples.

Pinterest idea for wall art

I am very pleased with my office re-do and have received compliments from staff and can't wait to hear the reactions from the students.  Did you spruce up your office for the new school year?

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  1. Does cleaning mouse poop out of the dollhouse count as sprucing up? LOL! Hopefully I'll get a minute to take some pictures of my office while it's still relatively pristine (and poop-free!)
    Your office looks great! I love the Believe in Yourself!


  2. Oh Rebecca, I forgot about your "office mascot" lol! I can't wait to see your office space.

  3. First of all, I love your blog! Thanks for sharing such great info!

    This is my 2nd year as an elementary school counselor and I decided to do something fun for my counseling room this year. I wanted to create a "safe" and "warm" space for the students to be in so I created an awning over my door, included a welcome mat and a real mailbox on a stand. It gives a home-type feel to the students as they walk in and it really stands out to make it easier for people to find me (we have 2 buildings of students). I also painted the walls a calming blue and have the room divided in areas for the students, parents/teachers, and a work area for me. I call it my "happy place" and I can see already that it has had a positive effect on our students. Yay...mission accomplished!

  4. Thanks Nicole, wow sounds like you have your office space together! I have a very small space and just try to make the best out of what I have. Thanks for sharing your office details, sounds awesome!

  5. Wow. I excited like this post. Thank you very much for this post....