Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Counselor Blog Shout Out: The Corner on Character

This month's counselor blog shout out is:

The Corner on Character Blog is a fun and inspirational blog from TX school counselor Barbara.  I love how Barbara ties her posts into an event in her life, her family or even food! It's amazing the kinds of connections she makes!  I don't know of any other counselor that can tie in recipes into school counseling lessons.  Looking for books to use to teach character, chances are The Corner on Character Blog will have it and by the way she posts very regularly (I can barely keep up with 2 posts a wk) so you know she's awesome.  Go ahead and add the Corner on Character Blog to your blog list or Pulse reader (my fav iPad app).  You'll love it! Pin It


  1. I totally agree, Andrea! Barbara is full of inspiration. She's on my Pulse reader! Great shout out!

  2. Awwww, I don't know what a pulse reader is but I'm honored to be on both of yours! Thanks, Andrea, for the kind shout out . . . I'm posting your adorable button for my readers to see first thing tomorrow morning.

    Sending summertime smiles,


  3. Barbara is my top go-to for inspiration! Her posts are loaded with great ideas and so very fact, I am honored to have been invited to write a guest post (for Friday the 13th) and I couldn't help but give kudos to Barbara in it! I'm not a blogger, so I had to send my shout out that way! (Thank goodness she agreed to post it...reluctantly! She's very humble.)

    Thanks to Barbara, I've been pointed in the direction of so many more FABULOUS blogs, including this one. Andrea, I cannot wait to delve into your past posts, esp. the technology ones, as that is still my weak spot! Thanks for your contributions to your fellow counselors and so glad you landed in Elementary Land!

    1. Andrea is TOPS in scouting out technology for counselors. She has inspired me to write a grant to get myself an iPad for school!! Thanks, Lisa, for your kind words.