Monday, July 9, 2012

5 (free) counselor apps for your iPad/iPhone

I have a secret to share...I LOVE my iPad!  There's so much to do and use on an iPad (personally & professionally).  More and more of us are getting our hands on these nifty tablets and because of the huge response from my previous post  Top 10 apps for Counselors here are another five to download (all are free, my favorite price).

I've also included a couple of screen shots to give you an idea of how the app is used also.

-Evernote:  A great note taking app!  Many, many people use this app.  You can add pictures, websites to your notes and can easily share with others via email, Facebook or even Twitter.
I saved discussion questions to use with my 5th grade book club that I found online.  Just tap the source link...

and the website appears!  Excellent note taking app!

-Pic2Shop:  What an awesome a neat app to compare prices on our school counselor shopping list.  Simply scan the UPC of a book or item and the app will tell you comparable prices on the web.  I'm all about getting a good deal!
You can shop for the best bargain!

-Educreations:  Use your iPad like an interactive whiteboard by drawing, writing and adding pictures all while recording your voice.  This is going to be such a great app for small groups.  Lessons created are saved and can be shared via email! 

Here's a sample of a lesson that could be done. 

-Sticky Notes:  What counselor can't function without sticky notes?  Well counselor friends you can now have virtual sticky notes on your iPad!  Just tap anywhere on the screen (while the app is open) and create a new note.
iPad sticky notes

-Keeper:  How many different school logins and passwords to you have to keep up with?  Even better how many of you have to update a password every 60-90 days?  I can barely remember any of these passwords so Keeper is the app for us.  This app stores all your usernames and passwords (you do have to input them in, but it's very easy to do).  This site is very secure, you will need a password (that you can remember) to access your account.  This app has been a lifesaver. 
Home Screen, you do have to remember the password!

Screen to enter login/password info, then tap save.

What other free counselor apps would you recommend?  Be on the lookout for more posts on counselor apps.

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