Friday, June 8, 2012

Counselor office re-do plans

After a fun filled 1st year at my school.  I decided about mid year that the office just wasn't quite me and I would have to do something about it.  Now that summer is here and I have time to update my space.  As you can see my office is small, window-less and has a lot of stuff.

The "before" picture
I don't have "official" plans or a complete blueprint sketch of what the "after" office will look like, it's just something that I feel will come together once I declutter and sort through things (although if anyone from HGTV or the DIY network is reading, I'm more than willing to be your next project).  I'll keep you posted on the progress of this major project.

Do you have plans to update your counselor space?

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  1. An area rug would look great in there!
    Plants are good feng shui. And anything else that brings in natural materials would help make up for not having windows. Maybe even a floor lamp.

  2. Hey Anne, an area rug & floor lamp would be a great idea! I'll be on the lookout for both. I'm not very familiar with plants, but do you have an idea of what kinds of plants to get that don't require much sunlight and are kiddie proof? Thanks so much for the suggestions. Have a wonderful day & weekend!