Monday, June 11, 2012

5th Grade Graduation Celebration

 As promised in my previous planning for a 5th grade graduation post, I have pictures from our festivities. 
Graduation Program

Ribbon that all graduates wore

I will admit that I was a little sad to see my 5th graders leave.  It was my 1st year at the school.  I was a little nervous about taking the place of a counselor that retired after 21 years at JYJ. Coming in as the "newbie" at school the kids were so great to work with and were very open and helpful to me.  So I got a little teary-eyed about the occasion.  Two students spoke at the graduation about what an impact the counselor intern and I had on their 5th grade year (tears from me).  Kids were sad to leave and crying (more tears from me) and later on a 5th grade teacher came and told me that most of her class wrote something about how the counselor intern and I had positively impacted their 5th grade year (I lost it here, this is where I did as Oprah says "the ugly cry").  How awesome is it to know that your students think so highly of you?  I think they are absolutely amazing and am flattered that they thought so highly of us, we're just doing out job and enjoying ourselves.

All our planning must have worked because the day/event went well, our speaker, stage decorations and school celebration were fantastic.  The kids were excited, happy and sad (so were we).
Beautiful stage decorations, donated & arranged by a 5th grade parent.
No need for a DJ, use your iPod!

At the school celebration, fun times!
Snow cone truck = total excitement!
Love this picture!

Class of 2012!

After the school day ended, the celebration continued as some of the 5th grade parents planned a celebration off campus for all of the new "graduates".  I thought that this was a great idea taking that many of the students will be at at least 10 different middle schools next year.  I had a blast at both celebrations and felt that it was an excellent way to end the school year!  Here are some pictures from that event: 

The celebration continues....

As soon as I walked in they were ready to dance, I didn't even have time to put down my bag.  Thanks to the parent that snapped this.
5th graders enjoying the beautiful weather!

It's not a party until you see the conga line

me with some of the "graduates"

How was your graduation/end of the year celebration?  I'd love to see pics and hear what you did!  Please feel free to contact me. Pin It

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