Monday, May 7, 2012

Update counselor clipboards for you & your students

I've had these clipboards in my office for quite some time.
Clipboards before

I use them with students from time to time,  if we're writing, drawing, completing an activity they quite helpful.  It's something about having a clipboard in your hands, maybe it's because they make you look "official" like you're doing important business.  They're handy for me when doing observations, jotting a few notes, etc.  However, some of these counselor clipboards had seen better days, they look rather boring and plain.  I did a simple fix by adding scrapbook paper onto each clipboard.

Scrapbook Paper, Michaels $7.49 w/ 40% off coupon
 I used mod podge to glue the paper and once the paper was on, I painted another top layer of glue on top (now I so see why people rave about this stuff, it's great).
Mod Podge glue,  AC Moore $4.49 w/ 50% off coupon.

After drying overnight they were good as new.  I covered 6 clipboards total and made sure that I had paper on the boards that would appeal to both girls & boys.  I even made one a little personal.  Years ago I was really into running and doing local races and I had saved all my bib numbers.  I cut the numbers up and glued them on the clip board (same as the scrapbook paper).  This was a simple way to enjoy my (distant) memories of running.  It's actually an idea I'm thinking would be a great activity for a group.  You could also do pictures or words of encouragement for your clipboards or even have a group make the clipboards as a take away (inexpensive project).    I have really been channeling my inner DIY craftiness lately and am really enjoying updating my "new & updated" counselor goodies. 

Race bibs
Finished product! 
Are there some clipboards in your office that could use a quick and easy update? 
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    1. Hi Rory, the clipboards were very simple & easy to update. It's amazing what a little paper and glue will do. Good luck with your clipboards, thanks for reading.

  2. Clever idea-Thanks for sharing!