Monday, April 30, 2012

Great Book for "tween" girls to prepare/survive the middle school years

As my 5th graders end their year at elementary school, they will embark upon a new chapter in their lives...middle school!  This change in itself is difficult but especially more difficult for girls.  A book that I've added to my parent book list is The Drama Years by Haley Kilpatrick which discusses those awkward middle school years for girls:  dealing with drama, bullies,  name brands, body image and more.
Volunteering at the book table
We were very fortunate to have The Drama Years have a tour stop in Raleigh.  Counselor pal, Julia V. Taylor's school was hosting the event and she told me about it.  I thought that it sounded very interesting and would be great for 5th grade mothers/daughters at my school.  I then emailed parents of each 5th grade girl at my school to tell them about the event and how I thought it would be awesome.

The day of the event was great.  Anna (counselor intern) and I got to meet with Haley (who's super nice) and volunteered at her book table.  There was a great and diverse crowd of current elementary, middle and high school students with their moms (and a few dads).  Haley and 3 current high school students told their story of how their middle school years were difficult. Haley then shared how she started her Girl Talk Program despite being ridiculed by her peers.  She told the girls that they were not alone in their journey in growing up and that lessons would be learned as the journey progressed.  There was lots of audience participation and lots of questions from the girls in the audience.  I could tell that the girls and parents really enjoyed the event.  I had about 20 people from my school to attend and the day after the event both the students and parents told me how much they enjoyed the event and couldn't wait to start reading their book.
Girls "signing in" (these are actually some of my students).  If you can't read the question up top it says "what has been the most difficult obstacle you have face in middle school?"

Sharing middle school stories & giving reassurance that it's only temporary

Author Haley Kilpatrick, signs books
Anna (counselor intern), Haley & me
With counselor pal Julia V. Taylor

When parents come to you asking for resources to help their tween daughter deal with growing up, I recommend this book!  I liked this book so much that I asked my school librarian to order 3 copies for the school.  I know that many girls will benefit from reading this book.  They will know that middle school can be tough but know that it is survivable! 

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  1. What a great idea! I love that this is something we could collaborate with our media center coordinator with. Do you know if this author has a speaker fee?

    1. Hey Ruth, thanks so much for reading. I am not sure what her fee or charge would be, another school handled the arrangements of her visit. I'm sure if you check out her website, more info will be listed.