Monday, May 21, 2012

Help, I may need a pinterest intervention!

I'm was little late to the Pinterest game, (I actually had an account for several months before I used it) but I'm now a full fledged "pinaholic" (is that a word)?   If you're not familiar with Pinterest, it's an online "pin board" of websites, pictures, blogs, etc of things that you have an interest in.  Click here for a Pinterest overview.  I've gotten so many awesome school counseling tips and ideas that I'm super excited to try them out.  It's totally free (my favorite price), simple and easy to use.

Pinterest has given me confidence to try out not just new school counselor ideas but new recipes and home projects that I certainly couldn't have even imagined before.  It's definitely something that I recommend to school counselors.  I will warn you that it's very addicting and in the past I've found myself "pinning" away, missing my bedtime and losing track of time.  If you're on Pinterest, here are some great boards to follow about school counseling stuff:

-My boards: I have several school counseling boards (it's easier to navigate through that way).  Also if you're into cooking and home projects, I have boards for that too!

-Vanessa A.: actually is a great counselor friend and blogger of the Savvy School Counselor Blog.  We're always repinning each others pins. 

-School Counselor Blogger Danielle S.

-And here's a search of "school counselor" boards:  Warning, there are LOTS of great ideas, you'll be so excited! 

Happy pinning! Pin It

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  1. Ha, I've heard about this website. I am a newbie, but I can see that I will be addicted soon.

    Laura Furches
    Sam and Issac Furches' mom lol.