Monday, April 9, 2012

Goal setting lesson

Our 4th grade classroom visit (some school counselors would call this classroom guidance, but I detest the word "guidance" it's so 80's but just to clarify for anyone confused) lesson this month  is on making and setting goals.  Anna (counselor intern) created an awesome lesson on using the book "Oh the Places You Will Go" by Dr. Seus.  To no surprise most of the students said "oh, I already know this story" but I ask them "so what's it about" and I get the blank stare and a few mumbles.  Anna & I talk about how goals tie into this story and how setting goals is important.  As mentioned in the book sometimes in life things go great and somethings things go not so great, but it is up to you to continue to push and try your best.

Screen Shot of Prezi (created by Anna Decker, counselor intern)
We added a little technology spin on this (of course we LOVE using technology) by creating a Prezi  (using the free Prezi viewer app) on goals and instead of reading the story ourselves we bought the book app in the Apple App Store ($3.99) and chose "auto play" where the book automatically reads and turns the pages, almost like a movie!  This feature reads much better and faster than either one of us could do (& there are sound effects).  After the presentation and book reading (which the students LOVED) we gave them a worksheet where they were to write 2 attainable goals that they wanted to set for themselves to work towards and complete by next year when they are 5th graders.  Spring 2013, I will give the students back these same goal sheets and they will be able to see if they achieved their goals.  Here's a rundown of what was used during this lesson:

-iPad 2
-iPad VGA adapter (adapter will not work on 1st generation iPad)
-Prezi View App
-Oh the Places You'll Go App
-Goal planning & setting worksheet Pin It

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  1. Did you show the prezi prior to reading the book?