Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Simple fix for empty corkboard

This winter, we had warm temperatures (I'm not complaining, I loved the weather) so I decided to start my spring cleaning at home a little early. I've also decided that this cleaning can carry over to my home away from home (counselor's office). There are many ideas and things that I want to do and my wheels are spinning full speed! As they spin, I've realized the following things...#1: I'm not that crafty (my solo painting project several years ago resulted in me having to hire someone to fix all the errors that I made) #2: I like to take short cuts (see #1), #3: These projects will have to be done on a serious budget (you know HGTV's Design on a Dime, well this will have to be Design on a Nickel or even a Penny).

So in my spring cleaning at home, I found 2 cork boards that were pleading to be updated. I remember these boards oh so well, I got them for free my very 1st year teaching at a workshop, which shows it's been some time since that I'm no longer a teacher but now a school counselor. After a quick coat of white acrylic paint (which I also found in my cleaning), I sprayed the cork on the board with adhesive spray ($4.00 w/ coupon at Micheal's) let it sit for 1 min, then applied some fabric that I got from Jo-Ann's ($8 w/ teacher coupon).  A quick & fairly simple update project. Since I had 2 boards, I'm keeping one board at each of my "homes".

Cork board (free)
Adhesive Spray
Acrylic White Paint
Finished Product!
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