Friday, March 9, 2012

Team Embree Day

Today we showed our support for Embree Duffy a JYJ 1st grader who's currently fighting a (very strong) battle with leukemia.  Because "we are a family" at JYJ students, staff, friends and family all wore our Team Embree shirts today to show Embree that we're cheering her on to victory.  This young lady has the spirit drive and humor to take on the journey.  I found it very moving and motivational how much support was shown by the number of t-shirt orders (nearly 400 in a week's time).  I'm not just talking local orders folks, but orders from VA, TX, OK, AK and even CA!    Our original plan was to get shirts for her class, then we thought well the staff would want them, then her family  would want them and the list goes on and on.  So that goes to show the strong love & support for this brave little girl. If you'll notice that the writing is in orange, which is the ribbon color for leukemia . Embree & Duffy family we're with you all the way through this journey. Pin It

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