Monday, March 5, 2012

Health Choices Challenge

Healthy bodies make healthy and happy students!  During the month of March we are really pushing the Healthy Choices Marathon Challenge at JYJ.  During the month students and staff are to keep track of doing the following healthy options:
-Do at least 20 minutes of exercise daily
-Do at least 20 minutes of reading daily
-Choose healthy food options

We'll be keeping track of our healthy choices for 26 days (hence the "marathon"challenge) and will celebrate our healthy choices with our 1st ever JYJ 5K run!  Yours truly will be participating (as a walker) and I am taking the challenge seriously.  Ms. Decker (counselor intern) and I are also doing a healthy choices lessons with our 3rd grade classes.  We'll be using the Trevor Romain resource "If you don't take care of you body, where else are you going to live?" Which shows that small healthy choices can make a big difference!  If you're interested in signing up for our 5K, click here.  Here's to healthy choice living! Pin It

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