Friday, September 9, 2011

Keeping Children Safe on the Internet

Let's face it, children use the Internet...a lot!  So why not teach them the best ways to keep themselves safe while online.  Here are a few websites that teach kids (& parents) ways to be safe while using the Internet:
-Welcome to the Web
 A series of lessons for teaching young students how to navigate the Internet
-LMK: Life online
 A website created for the purpose of educating girls about online safety. Sponsored by the Girl Scouts and Microsoft.
-Google Family Safety Center
 Introduces parents to and shows them how to use Google's safety tools including safe search, safe search lock, and YouTube's safety mode.
-Your Own Space
 Ebook designed to educate tweens and teens about protecting themselves and their stuff online.
-Internet Safety with Professor Garfield 
 Offers an animated lesson on cyberbullying and an animated lesson about online safety.
-Webonauts Internet Academy
 Website where elementary school students can learn about safe online behaviors.
-A Thin Line
This site is designed to educate teenagers and young adults about the possible repercussions of their digital activities. Pin It

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