Monday, January 19, 2015

Great Kindness Challenge

No your eyes aren't deceiving you, I (finally) have a new post for the new year!  I have missed blogging and sharing with you.  My original plan was to blog over the holiday break but wouldn't luck have it that the wrath of the flu hit me (big time) and took me down for 2 weeks!

I'm back now and want to share the Great Kindness Challenge which is coming up next week (Jan- 26th - 30th) which is where students can do and share acts of kindness with others.  The cool thing is that there's a website that gives you info and ideas to implement at your school!  I love that there's also a checklist that students can use to keep track of their kind acts.  You could also use my previous posts on Random Acts of Kindness and Web of Kindness if you're doing class lessons.  I'm excited to be back to blogging and sharing with my school counselor friends.

What better day to talk about service and being kind to others than today where we celebrate the life and legacy of Dr. King as well as others all over the world that advocate for change for the better. Pin It

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