Monday, June 9, 2014

Staff Summer Homework & Bulletin Board Idea

For some of you, your summer vacation has or is just about to start  (whoot whoot, I get out on Thursday and can't wait).  Here's one small homework assignment that you can give to your staff over the summer...have staff members take pictures of themselves on their vacations or trips over the summer in their school shirt.  Those pictures can be used for a back to school bulletin board, that way people can see what fun you had over the summer and while even showing a little school spirit.  Here's an example....Ms. Burston visited the Grand Canyon!

Well clearly I wasn't at the Grand Canyon (this is actually me at the park at field day in a school shirt) but it would go along that route.  I've made a mental note to pack a school shirt with me on a summer trip for this "homework".

We did this last year with the theme "Oh the Places You Can Go" and it was a hit.  It was such a hit that we'll be doing it again!  I'll post a finished product of the bulletin board later on. Pin It


  1. We did something similar last year at my school, except that everyone took pictures of themselves reading in their exotic (and not-so-exotic) locations. Kids were invited to submit summer reading pictures too, and one of the teachers put together a slide show that was shown at the first assembly. It was really fun.

  2. I love this idea! Wish I'd known about it before our school let out - I would have given out homework!

  3. You could still possibly send it out via email, some people still check their email during the summer.