Monday, January 6, 2014

Look Who's Been SPOTTED for Staff Spotlight

Staff morale truly plays a role in the direction and climate of any school.  One cool thing that my school does each month is "spotlight" great things that people are doing in the building.  Here's what we do:
-There's a bulletin board with the words "Look Who's Been Spotted" with "Spot" the jaguar on it (that's our school mascot).  There are spots (just construction paper cut in the shape of a circle) where any staff member can give another staff member a "spot".

-People write their compliment or shout out on the spot and staple it to "Spot" the jaguar. Sometimes people write who it's from, sometimes they don't, that's another cool thing, you never know how what you do affects someone in a positive way (umm hello that's school counseling/working in a school all the time).

-Each month at our staff meeting, we have a time where the principal and assistant principal read the spots and staff members are recognized (we get to keep our spots too).  It's neat to hear what nice, caring and thoughtful things our staff does to support each other.   I'll admit I actually enjoy this part of the meeting, because as the spots are being read, we clap and cheer for the person being recognized (and by the way it really feels good when it's your name being called).

Poor Spot, has no spots.....
Lots of spots for staff!

I even had a spot, whoot whoot!

This consistent staff recognition goes a long way with us and is a great pick me up.   

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  1. I really like this idea! I think sometimes the staff at my school struggles with staff morale. Our mascot is an Eagle...I am wondering how we could do something similar except use our mascot. What do you think?

    -Sara (By the way, I am also originally from North Carolina!)