Monday, November 4, 2013

Need to make an (outside) counselor referral?

How many times has a parent asked you to recommend an outside counselor/therapist for their child, family or just in general?  Well counselor friends, I have a site for you! is a website where you simply type in your zip code and the site will give you a list of counselors/therapists in your area.  You can also search the counselor list by specialty area.

Do you have any other counselor referral sites to recommend, please share. Pin It


  1. Thank you for pointing this site out! I am offering my perspective as kindly as possible. :) Definitely screen this site before using it. It lists a whopping 3 therapists for the entire state of Wisconsin....all at least 2 hours away from my location. :(

    1. You are correct that there are only a few counselors listed on the site. I think that with time more counselors will be listed. Thanks for reading.

  2. Hey I am really enjoying your blog! A website that I've used before with success is psychology today. It's similar to the one you posted in that you can put in the city or zip code and search for counselors nearby. The main website is and the direct link to the therapist search is

    I would recommend it as a good resource for this.