Monday, October 7, 2013

Tips for Supervising an Intern

You may have added a new counseling member to your team this upcoming school year, meaning that you'll be supervising a school counselor intern.  This is my third year in a row supervising an intern.  I actually really enjoying having an intern and have been fortunate to have interns that have been fantastic to work with.  Each year I have learned more and more on how to improve the counseling program at my school and having a "fresh pair of eyes and ears" has been extremely helpful.

Here are some things that have worked for me as I've supervised school counselor interns:

-Meet and discuss what types of things your intern is strong in, areas they want more practice in and things that they would like to learn more about.

-Remember that everyone doesn't think the same as you, it takes some time for the intern to adjust to the school setting and working with you (same with you too with adjusting to a new intern).

-Give feedback, if there were areas that you may need some feedback on, wouldn't you want to know?

-Collaborate and communicate, this has been a key piece with my interns.  Collaborating allows "great minds to think alike" and allows even more creativity in your school counseling program.  Plus it also allows your intern to have some ownership in things being done at school.

-Enjoy the experience, I was fortunate to have an outstanding student teacher and counseling intern experience and I want the same for the counselor intern working with with me.  When an intern is introduced to students, it's not "oh here's the counselor intern", it's "this is the 2nd counselor who will be working with us this year, you are welcome to talk to her just as you talk with me". 

Having an intern has been great and has been a learning experience not only for them, but for me too.

Previous counselor interns Anna and Dhruti

I warmly welcome counselor intern Kelly this year!

Are you supervising an intern this year?  Please share your tips and best practices.

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