Monday, July 22, 2013

(free) School Counselor Time Trackers

Being a school counselor there is no such thing as a "perfect scheduled day" as we know that things in the life of a school counselor change from hour to hour, minute to minute.  I will admit that coming from a very structured teacher routine that I had some trouble adjusting to going with the flow when I started out as a counselor.  Maybe I've accepted it a little too much, because now going with flow, is now pretty much my way of life.

Anywhoo, while attending the ASCA conference I attended the Ready to Use Data Templates session. This was presented by Karl Liedtka, a high school counselor  from Leabanon, PA who was so kind to share a wiki full of counselor templates that can be used for various counselor things such as time/task analysis, pre/post test analysis and student trackers.  The time tracker is the one that I plan on using the most.  It's pretty user friendly (there are directions/user guide on how to use it) and the tracker makes the charts and graphs for you!  This will be awesome to use for my counselor evaluation and data collection piece and it's my very favorite!

Screenshot of time tracker

This will be so awesome to use this year and I can't wait to try it out!  

*Please note that I am not the creator of these time trackers, if you have specific questions about the files I would suggest that you contact the creator.  
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  1. TimeTracker & EzAnalyze from Tim Poynton is also excellent! I use that daily and it provides great info for stakeholders and myself.

  2. My school district selected SCUTA Pro after reviewing all the available application. It's a web app and really easy to use. My favorite feature is the way I can log my student activities and have all the info at my finger tips when I meet with parents about their child.