Monday, April 22, 2013

Counselor finds at the Target $1 Spot

As much as I try to ignore it, the Target $1 spot gets me almost every time. I had a whole basket full of stuff, but after some reality thinking "do I really need this" some things were put back.  Here are some counselor finds I just recently bought....

Squishy balls, these students love these & so do I!

Book about careers!

Cardboard book holders (not put together yet)

Cardboard book holders (great for categorizing books).  I would have gotten more, but I got the last 3 in the store. 

I've already put my items to good use already!

Have you recently found any other good counselors goodies (that are affordable).  Please share!

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  1. They had light bulb stress balls the last time I went ... SCORE! I'm lovin' your treasures!

    1. Light bulb stress balls, I'm wishing I found those!