Friday, January 18, 2013

Career & College Ready Display

I got this idea after seeing a banner from the school counselor blog store.  I created a similar banner from Vistaprint (99 cents on a black Friday sale).  I then made printouts of each college/university in NC (my state) using Word.

For the printouts, I typed each school name (in various fonts and colors) and put an image of the school logo or mascot below the name (use Google images).  I then cut and laminated all of the schools.  I also did something similar with the top 25 best jobs, which I saw under the #schoolcounselor hashtag on Twitter (by the way school counselor is #17).  I added a few more careers that came up often from my minute mtgs with my students (I sorted my spreadsheet of data by career to get more career choices).  I put the colleges and careers all around the banner (in no particular order).

Banner from Vistaprint

Colleges (sorry for the glare from the camera)
Careers (laminated)
Here's the finished product:

I like this display, pretty simple and easy to make but such a meaningful message!

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