Monday, October 8, 2012

Expand your counselor office space

As school counselors our counselor office is truly "ours" and is our space to meet with students, staff and parents however, sometimes it's OK to think and work outside our "counselor box".  Although I'm very happy with my office I sometimes like to meet students in my "extended office" space.  This space that I'm talking about is an area outside my office.  I consider myself to be one lucky school counselor because my school has some neat little outdoor areas and connects to a park that can be used to meet with students for a little change of scenery.  I view it this way, we're in a building within four walls most of the day (and my office does not have a window), why not utilize some outdoor space and get some fresh air?  Many students request to go outside to talk or have lunch.  If the weather's nice, I'm always willing to go!  Here are some pictures of my outdoor counselor spaces:

Outdoor lunch area

Outdoor classroom
(Shaded) picnic area

My school connects to a park!

Another outdoor area I like to use.
Do you have an "expanded counselor office" space that you use? 
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  1. What a fun post! My outdoor office spaces include the track (we walk around it together a lot!), our nature center, and the benches around school, but I'm not sure any of it is as scenic as yours. Thanks for sharing!


  2. beautiful! You're lucky to have so many spaces!

  3. Great idea for an office expansion! :D Truly, an office set-up should be clever and unique, but most importantly, it must serve the purpose of efficiently catering to your business. These are certainly good spots to conduct your meetings. ; )

    Blake Mitchell

  4. Counselling can be a tough job. However, it helps to have a cosy and peaceful space so you can easily attend to your clients. Good thing you have multiple spaces.