Monday, May 14, 2012

Free Finds at Barnes & Noble

I'm not sure if you are aware that Barnes & Noble Bookstore offers a 20% off educator discount on your purchases.  This is a pretty sweet discount and even sweeter is that they have quarterly education appreciation days.  During these appreciation days, they have lots of freebies, snacks & you get 25% off your purchase (even a discount on the Nook).  I recently went to an appreciation day and found these goodies:

All free, I have 2 copies so I can share with the counselor intern.

-Pencils:  I almost always write in pencil (when I jot down notes, reminders, etc) and it doesn't hurt to have a few more.

-Brochure on using the power of children's literature to take a stand against bullying.  The guide also correlates to common core standards and connections that are used in classrooms. This is a great resource and I know that I will be referring to this often as I plan and teach my lessons on bullying. 

I've found the online version of this bullying brochure to share with you.  Click here to download your own copy.

Also at the appreciation day, I got several book posters that I am going to gift to a friend who will be starting her 1st year teaching next year. These will be great to add to her classroom reading corner.

At previous appreciation days, I've almost always found something that's a little jewel to me.  These "jewels" include: a pack of thank you notes, bookmarks, pencils, pens, folders and resource guides.  I encourage you to sign up for B&N educator emails to take advantage of freebies that may help you and your counseling program. 

On a side note, I visit ALL book stores that show a little love to educators.  I'm actually a fan of supporting local businesses and buy locally when possible (most have educator discount comparable to larger national book stores).
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