Saturday, April 14, 2012

Target Dollar Spot = Dangerous!

I usually consider myself a pretty savvy shopper, you know going into stores with a plan, not really an impulsive buyer.  Well friends, that wasn't quite the case in a recent trip to Target.  My original plan was to get 3 bags of smarties candy to use for my test anxiety lesson for my 3rd grade class visits.
So I walk into the store and what's the 1st thing that I see...the dollar spot!  Now I usually (quickly) browse through that section and continue on my shopping plans but there were so many school counselor goodies that I had to tell myself out loud "you need to get away from here!"  Here's my great finds in the dollar spot:
Beach ball to toss & use for ice-breaker questions. 
Easter eggs (these were actually 49 cents, after Easter sale) that I will use for another ice-breaker getting to know you activity.
Fun animal masks, great for role playing in both small & large groups.

Fun dough, I actually bought 2 of these.  1 for me & 1 for the counselor intern.

I actually had more things in my basket, but convinced myself that some things (even if they're only $1) were just not needed.

So will you be making a special trip to the dollar spot?  Have you found any other places that have great affordable counselor goodies? Pin It

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