Monday, February 6, 2012

Happy School Counselor's Week

Although we're acknowledged daily by our JYJ students, parents and staff on what we do as counselors.  This week is recognized as National School Counselor's Week!  As I've said times before, this is my 1st full year working at JYJ and each day I am thankful that I have the opportunity to work at such an awesome school!  I love my job as the counselor and am so glad that Ms. Decker is able to be here as well.  She is seeing everything I brag about being the JYJ counselor is all about.  We even praised our awesome staff on how they make our counseling program run so smoothly (picture below).  Here's a video of some students showing their appreciation for us!  Thanks JYJ!

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  1. YAY - thanks for sharing that BeAuTiFuL clip. You are touching lives in immeasurable ways and our future is brighter because of both of you!

    Happy School Counseling Week!

    The Corner On Character

  2. This is great, Andrea (and intern)! I love videos made with kids. Aren't we lucky to be school counselors? We get so much love!

  3. Thanks Barbara & Rebecca, we both LOVE being school counselors and the school that we work in. It's so nice to see how much the students appreciate what we do. We so appreciate them too!