Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Minute Mtgs

Thanks to the help of fellow school counselor & blogger Danielle Schulz, Anna (counselor intern) and I  met with each JYJ student in grades 1st-5th individually for "minute meetings".  During our meeting we ask students questions (which they answer on our iPads) to check in and see how they are doing.  From the answers we receive we have been able to compile data (thanks to Google Docs) and plan on what areas that we as counselors would like to improve on and determine what's working well.  Although we see each class monthly, making the one-on-one connection has been outstanding.  I am very pleased to say that 98% of our JYJ students reported having a "very good" or "good" school year and that's always good to hear!  We have truly enjoyed meeting with all the students and can say that the students were very comfortable speaking with us, which is a HUGE piece for me.  Having a strong rapport with students is key for me and I want them to be comfortable coming to speak to either one of us.  I've been so pleased with the success of minute meetings that I plan to do them more often in the future.  Pin It

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