Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Books for helping kids deal with anxiety

As back to school time approaches, many kids experience some anxiety about coming back, being with a new teacher, being in a new grade and all the pressures that may come along with it such as more work, tests and even EOG's.  Here are a few kid friendly and parent friendly books about helping your child deal with anxiety.  Just click on the name of the book and click which will take you to where you can order the book.  The Wake County Public Library also has the parent books listed available (the kid's books were not in the data base). 

Kid friendly books:
-Go Away Mr. Worrythoughts by Nicky Johnson
-The Bear Who Lost His Sleep by Jessica Lamb Sharpiro
-What to do when you Worry too Much by Dawn Huebner

Parent friendly books:
-Overcoming school anxiety: how to help your child deal with separation, tests, homework, bullies, math phobia, and other worries by Diane Peters Mayer

-Freeing your child from anxiety: powerful, practical strategies to overcome your child's fears, phobias and worries by Tamara E. Chansky

-The everything parent's guide to children with anxiety: professional advice to help your child feel confident, happy and secure by Ilyn Sandas and Christine Siegel Pin It

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